Cold Fiction: The Idea

One question that is often asked of writers is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ Invariable the writer gets really vague and says things like, ‘Oh it just came to me in a dream,’ or, ‘I plucked it out of the ether.’ However, the truth is far less artistic than these ether pluckers would have you believe. Ideas are not in the air we breathe, they actually mined on the dark side of the moon and sold for large sums of money. Ideas mined during an eclipse tend to be the more successful. J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown and E.L. James have been the fortunate ones to get ideas mined at that particular time. Mining the ideas is not an easy job and has been known to leave some of the miners with brain damage and even sent a few off to that great gig in the sky. Despite the risks they take to get the ideas for the writers, there is a real feeling of us and them between these two groups. A lot of writers feel superior to these brave men and women who put their lives at risk so that they can humour our creative muses. But I admire them. They go to extremes to find all shapes and sizes of ideas and in any colour you like. When I go idea shopping, I try to look for one that can speak to me. I don’t just go for anything on the run. That was one of the reasons I chose the idea that said use the lyrics of the songs on ‘Cold Fact’.

(10 points for anyone spotting all the Pink Floyd tracks that are name checked here)

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